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Monday, January 7, 2013

Prancer Paddle 2012

Twas the day before Christmas, and Blueline Florida’s Stand Up Paddle shop organized their annual paddle to spread the cheer of the holidays to one and all throughout the inter-coastal waterways in Jupiter, Florida. The winter weather subsided for the day as the sun shined our way and manatees guided us from Jupiter Pointe Paddle to one of the town’s most famous watering holes called Guanabanas, located directly across the street from Blueline Paddle. Dressed in our best holiday get-ups, about 30 paddlers came to represent Santa’s helpers as we made our way yelling, “Merry Christmas to All!” to the many boaters and onlookers out enjoying the beautiful Florida day. Much thanks to Kialoa's Captain Kristy Murphy for the boat rides home! Here are a few photos from the event!
Da Blueline Prancer Paddle Crew 2012 

Kialoa Ambassador and part-time reindeer Cat Slatinsky in front of the Jupiter Lighthouse

Boat Ride Home

Santa's Little Helper

Santa's Helpers

Kialoa Ambassador Captain Kristy Murphy Brings 'Em Home!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Maui's Downwinder

Accept life more as an ADVENTURE than a plan! Adventures are way more fun!  That is our motto at Kristy Murphy’s Siren Surf Adventures, and a big reason why people like to come surf with Kristy and I on our retreats is because we definitely put the A in Adventure.  When we aren’t doing our surf and SUP tours, Kristy and I basically live our lives the same way we live during our retreats so our lives have become an exciting day-to-day reality where we get to do amazing activities.  We don’t do a lot of planning but somehow the activities never end, and I think it’s because of our “When in Rome” attitude.  A “When in Rome” moment came on another outer-island trip to Maui, we took later in the summer.  Our great friends Megan Abubo and Lani Gomes, two amazing water women, asked us to accompany them on an 8 mile stand up paddle “downwinder.”  The “Maliko Run”, commonly sup’d or prone paddled by Maui locals, is a gorgeous route with the wind at your back, deep open ocean crystal clear water beneath, and Maui’s countryside in your peripheral.  WHAT and AWESOME adventure.  We completed it in about an hour’s time.  Catching open ocean swells on a 14 foot SUP board in pristine water with turtles and other sea life that we shall not name was one of the adventures of my life.  Many MAHALOS to Lani and Megan for making that dream come true.  Mahalo to Kialoa for making the best paddles ever.  When you're paddling distance you want a light paddle that feels great in your hand and doesn't give you cramps.  I don't ever want to use a different brand of paddle.  The T-grip, lightness, and shaft design of the Kialoa paddles sets them apart from all other brands.                                                     
Lani Gomes and Megan Abubo making it happen!

Legendary water woman Megan Abubo with Cat Slatinsky

Megan Abubo leading the way!

Open ocean Maui style

Cat Slatinsky

Marvelous, magical Maui


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seasons by the Sea Holiday Jubilee

Everything SUP was showcased this weekend as Jupiter Pointe Paddling and Blueline Stand Up Paddle Florida, gathered local Floridian SUP'ers to enjoy a day of SUP demos, race training, SUP fitness and yoga, as well as art's and crafts booths just in time for holiday shopping.  Longtime Kialoa Paddle enthusiast Cat Slatinsky, let anyone and everyone demo her Kialoa Pipes and Methane paddles along with the line of SUP boards she personally uses shaped by Mike Day from Flatwater Paddle Company and Siren Surf SUPs shaped by master shaper Kevin Shaugnessy.  Demos are the best way to figure out which SUP board and paddle is right for you before you spend a lot of money on equipment that is subpar.  A fun day of shopping, training, and learning was had by all!

Cat Slatinsky with her Kialoa Paddles, Siren Surf SUP, and Honey Girl Water Wear

Flatwater Paddle Company Race SUP, Siren Surf SUP, and Kialoa Paddles

Cap'n Kristy Murphy from Siren Surf Adventures and Emily Helmick from Surfrider Foundation Jupiter, FL

Cat making a Haku Lei for event organizer Cythina Throne of Jupiter Pointe Paddling
Cat with Cynthia Throne and the Jupiter Pointe Paddling Crew

Cat's star student demos a Kialoa Pipes Paddle and Siren Surf SUP

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

***China Uemura 28th Annual Longboard Surfing Classic

Sat, 11 Aug 2012 
Co-founder of Siren Surf Adventures and Kialoa rider, Kristy Murphy had the great opportunity to participate in the 28th Annual China Uemura Classic, and managed to place 2nd in a hotly contested field of accomplished waterwomen.  Way to go Kristy!  She also competed in the womens SUP division, battling it out with home-town favorites Jenn Lee and Halie Harrison. While she didn't take home the gold, she did nab the highest scored wave in what was arguably the best standup paddleboarding noseride of the event.  FYI, she's riding a stock, off-the-shelf Siren Sojourn 9'0 SUP and is using a Kialoa Pipes paddle which she says is the best for SUP surfing.  When Kristy's not surfing or sup'ing she's running her surf adventures and can be contacted at Here's a couple of outtakes captured by lenswoman 
Cat Slatinsky:

Kristy Murphy paddles out using her Kialoa Pipes Paddle

Bottom Turn

Kristy Murphy's signature move...a Perfect Noseride with Toes to the Nose!

Surf or Sup with Kristy Murphy at!

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Team's Journey to Molokai

Our decision to do Molokai this year came on the backs of some pretty big successes.  2010 had been an awesome year for our Canadian team with both Open and Masters World Sprint Championships titles, followed up with a first place finish in Kona.  It seemed natural to want to test ourselves in the last and perhaps biggest challenge of the three outrigger disciplines – the open ocean!  And while success can breed confidence, it also brings with it expectation.

There is no doubt about it; our challenges were big in our bid toward this year’s Na Wahine O Ke Kai.  Being a Canadian select team means we’re scattered all over the country, so training together was limited to one three day training camp in Vancouver at the beginning of September.  We had four never-ever channel virgins on the crew, two of which had never done a change let alone a change race before.  We were a predominately flat-water crew with almost half of the team training exclusively on lakes.  Somehow though, none of this managed to dampen our desire or our thoughts of victory. 

Our decision to do the Pailolo race the week before the channel seemed like a no brainer.  It was the perfect way to give ourselves one good test run without the pressure of the big race hanging over us.  Well it tested us for sure!  Kicked our asses to be more exact!  The water was big for this bunch of flat-water Canadian girls and we pretty much made every mistake in the book.  And while a 4th place finish might have seemed good on paper, we were a full 30minutes behind the winners – Team Bradley - in a 3 1/2 hour race.  

Enter expectation! The proverbial fun wrecker!  For me we might as well have come last.  We had a mountain to climb before the channel and we had only a week to climb it.  Not only that, but our team was battle worn.  Two girls had suffered broken ribs, both very severe, and there were two tweaked shoulders.  Perhaps our biggest hurdle to overcome however was resistance – the resistance of a mostly flat-water mindset to adjust to the challenges of open water paddling.

And so the learning and the healing began.  While the injured visited the hospital and physio the rest of us did downwinds in one-mans and the six-man.  Each training session brought new insight and small but steady breakthroughs.  By the end of the week we had made good headway on the surfing front, offering a return to confidence.  Most importantly though, our injured had strengthened enough to feel able to race.   

This year’s Na Wahine saw 72 teams on the start line.  Being the steersman means I get to choose where we line up.  I thought I had nailed it with an experienced steersman on either side of me.  But then that last minute canoe squeezed in on our left and a sinking feeling set in.  She was distracted and inattentive to her canoe and when the horn sounded she promptly smashed into us.  Far out!  We were 1 minute into the race and risking a huli.  Unable to shake them, I instructed the team to stop paddling and let them go, which we did, finally freeing up the space to find our rhythm. Despite the setback we were still 2nd team to Laau point – an excellent start. 
Our coach Rick Nu’u and escort boat driver Karel Tresnak had made the call to run the rumline on a southerly course to Diamond Head buoy.  The Beach Girls, Team Bradley and Hui Nalu all ran a northerly course toward Portlock.  What a difference a week makes!  Instead of just surviving, we were racing!  We surfed away from everyone else on our southerly line and became embroiled in a battle with Hui Nalu for 3rd.  Being on very different lines only added to the excitement as we both raced toward Oahu never really knowing who had the edge.  As we approached Diamond Head it became clear that Hui Nalu’s inside line had a distinct advantage.  We arrived at Waikiki a solid 4th and remained that way across the line.  Our time was 5hr41min, 16minutes behind the winners – The Beach Girls.  

           We finished 4th again.  But this 4th was different.  This 4th had a story.  It was a story of acceptance, growth and perseverance.  I got to win this race once and it was amazing.  I came in 2nd too and it was amazing.  Now I have a 4th place finish that is amazing!  We had an awesome race, made few mistakes, never had a bad combo and overcame some big obstacles in the week leading up.  It is the effort that makes the amazing and that is where the winning came for me. 
A special thanks to KIALOA Paddles for their continued commitment to making us better competitors with their innovative designs and construction.  To Karel Tresnak and Outrigger Connection for the beautiful M2 canoe.  It was perfect.  To Stéphane for stepping up whenever we needed him. To Lauren Barlett and her family for hosting our entire team in Maui.  To Rick Nu’u for abandoning the farm for the weekend to guide us across the channel.  And to our families that put up with the tired us, the hungry us, the training us, the often grumpy us for months and months and months! 

Cheryl Skribe         

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finding the Perfect Paddle by Terri Plunkett

Just recently I raced in Catalina SUP Festival. It was a world class paddling event, with $15,000 in prize money. The format of the Saturday's race was done with 5 sprint laps. I loved it. It was fun and fast! 
I played with my KIALOA Pipes and Toro paddles, switching paddles in-between each race. The Pipes gave me a quick cadence stroke but the Toro allowed me to pull a lot of water and have a lot of control over my paddle. For these short course races the Toro Kicked butt for me! I improved my race times significantly by using a bigger paddle. 
I encourage anyone to try different paddles and select one just for you. When you are testing the paddles put thought into what you will be doing with the paddle. Will you be racing? If so, short course, long, ultra-long, surfing? Do you just need an all around paddle? Paddle styles and sizes really do make a big different. 
My teammate and competitor Gillian Gibree with her KIALOA Pipes Paddle and me with my combo Pipes/Toro paddles took home money with wins! For the men of Team KIALOA Chuck Patterson used his Toro paddle and Chance Feidler used his Methane paddle. Both men took home money! 
So the experiment results:  All KIALOA Paddles are Excellent!! Yay for Team KIALOA!! I am so glad I went out that day and tried this experiment because now I really understand.
Thank you Dave Chun for making the Best Paddles on the Planet!
Terri Plunkett
Stand Up Paddle Racer/Surfer

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

9 year old Savannah Baus

Savannah paddled her first 8 mile downwinder this day with mom Heather Baus.

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