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Women In Paddling

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Congratualtions to Jodie Nelson for her amazing accomplishment. She crossed from Catalina to Dana Point, solo, which is almost 40 miles on an SUP. She even beat her time last year when she did it as a pair.

Jodie's goal in this crossing was to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Her board provided a constant reminder of why she was out there with a list of friends and family that have battled the disease. She was able to raise $8,000 before the event and continues to inspire donations after completing the historic paddle this past Sunday.

Here is a link to a great video. She made a new friend along the way named Larry.

KIALOA was proud to play a small part in her efforts as she used the new Pipes stand up paddle for most of her crossing. She said she switched between it and the Methane but found the Pipes ultimately more comfortable in length and size and use it for the majority.


If you are inspired by Jodie's historic paddle crossing and have the means, it is never to late to donate.

Paddle with Purpose

Keep-A-Breast Foundation


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