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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

***China Uemura 28th Annual Longboard Surfing Classic

Sat, 11 Aug 2012 
Co-founder of Siren Surf Adventures and Kialoa rider, Kristy Murphy had the great opportunity to participate in the 28th Annual China Uemura Classic, and managed to place 2nd in a hotly contested field of accomplished waterwomen.  Way to go Kristy!  She also competed in the womens SUP division, battling it out with home-town favorites Jenn Lee and Halie Harrison. While she didn't take home the gold, she did nab the highest scored wave in what was arguably the best standup paddleboarding noseride of the event.  FYI, she's riding a stock, off-the-shelf Siren Sojourn 9'0 SUP and is using a Kialoa Pipes paddle which she says is the best for SUP surfing.  When Kristy's not surfing or sup'ing she's running her surf adventures and can be contacted at Here's a couple of outtakes captured by lenswoman 
Cat Slatinsky:

Kristy Murphy paddles out using her Kialoa Pipes Paddle

Bottom Turn

Kristy Murphy's signature move...a Perfect Noseride with Toes to the Nose!

Surf or Sup with Kristy Murphy at!


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