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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finding the Perfect Paddle by Terri Plunkett

Just recently I raced in Catalina SUP Festival. It was a world class paddling event, with $15,000 in prize money. The format of the Saturday's race was done with 5 sprint laps. I loved it. It was fun and fast! 
I played with my KIALOA Pipes and Toro paddles, switching paddles in-between each race. The Pipes gave me a quick cadence stroke but the Toro allowed me to pull a lot of water and have a lot of control over my paddle. For these short course races the Toro Kicked butt for me! I improved my race times significantly by using a bigger paddle. 
I encourage anyone to try different paddles and select one just for you. When you are testing the paddles put thought into what you will be doing with the paddle. Will you be racing? If so, short course, long, ultra-long, surfing? Do you just need an all around paddle? Paddle styles and sizes really do make a big different. 
My teammate and competitor Gillian Gibree with her KIALOA Pipes Paddle and me with my combo Pipes/Toro paddles took home money with wins! For the men of Team KIALOA Chuck Patterson used his Toro paddle and Chance Feidler used his Methane paddle. Both men took home money! 
So the experiment results:  All KIALOA Paddles are Excellent!! Yay for Team KIALOA!! I am so glad I went out that day and tried this experiment because now I really understand.
Thank you Dave Chun for making the Best Paddles on the Planet!
Terri Plunkett
Stand Up Paddle Racer/Surfer

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