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Women In Paddling

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Surfers Paradise Outrigger of Australia

What a great video about an Australian women's outrigger team taking on the Moloka'i channel in this year's Na Wahine O' Ke Kai, the women of the sea. KIALOA is proud to sponsor this top contending team of supreme female athletes. Good luck ladies!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer News from North Carolina!

Hi! I'm Kimberly James and I joined the Kialoa team back in April of this year. I am so excited to be a part of such a wonderful company and I love being a part of this family. I fell in love with Kialoa paddles from day one which was a little over a year ago. I got interested in paddle boarding in May of 2009 and haven't turned back yet! I love exploring our waterways and have really taken to racing. I have used a Kialoa paddle all along and wouldn't have it any other way!

Through out this year I have been lucky enough to get to share my experience with the paddles and with surftech paddleboards during our bi-weekly SUP RACE CLUB at Dockside Restaurant here in Wrightsville Beach. Coastal Urge puts on a great evening where paddlers can be timed on the intracoastal waterway for friendly practice between races. We can also demo paddles and boards and share our experiences with one another or with those who are completely new to the sport. This is where I can share with everyone the difference having an incredible paddle can make and they always can tell.

Another wonderful amazing event to be a part of here in NC is our monthly SUP CLEANUP days. Once a month Coastal Urge will pick a location at the beach or waterway that is in desparate need of being cleaned up. Our mission is to remove trash and debris that gets left behind on the beaches. Sup paddlers, kayakers, or anyone wanting to help can come out and meet new friends, learn about paddling, and help the environment. SUP CLEANUP was orginated here in Wilmington NC last March and new chapters are opening up and down the coast! for more information visit :)

I also share my Kialoa experience at all the races I participate in. I have really enjoyed all the races I have been a part of this year. All have been a challenge but as I mentioned earlier, with the great equipment, you not only feel safe, but feel like you are doing your best with the best.

I have raced in Wrightsville Beach, Va. Beach, and Charleston SC and I am looking forward to the Tahoe Nalu Paddle Festival in just 2 weeks! The weekend after Tahoe I will be racing in Rhode Island which will also be very exciting!! I'll take lots of pictures and send an update at the end of the month of the adventure :)

I hope everyone is having a great summer out there and getting on the water as much as possible!! Thanks again Meg and Dave for everything you guys do and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wildside Relay: Columbia River Gorge

Imagine linking a half dozen perfectly formed 4-foot waves, 30 knot winds at your back, warm, fresh water spraying off your bow…. For 21-miles! THIS is Wildside Relay on the Columbia River Gorge.

This past weekend, 39 teams of outrigger canoes, surfskis and Stand-Up paddle boards gathered for the annual surf fest. And let me tell you, the Gorge did not let us down!!! Winds started early, allowing beautifully formed, frothy waves to build along the entire race course.

It was awesome to see a sea of Kialoa paddles and shirts and a treat to run into Meg Chun, smiling as always and stoked for the epic race-day conditions!

My husband and I teamed up in the surfski division and whooped and hooted down wave face after wave face to a 6th overall finish, and the first (and only) mixed surfski team.

Although for the race I was in a ski, I couldn’t resist bringing my SUP down to the Gorge for a few downwind runs in paradise!!! I’ve been home for three days now, and still can’t wipe the silly grin off my face!

If you haven’t checked out the Columbia River Gorge yet, my advice is “Go!” You’re in for a huge treat!!!!

Happy Paddling!!!

Heather Nelson

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