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Friday, September 10, 2010

Judy Shasek Cancer Survivor Paddles 33 miles

She's calling it a Karmathon, in honor of 10 years as a cancer survivor. 61-year-old Judy Shasek plans to celebrate in a big way.

Ten loops on the Deschutes River near the Old Mill on her stand up paddle board.

"I wanted to get outside and do something that was upbeat and a celebration. I could share it with where I live, with my home, with people. But it's also meditative and personal. I'll actually be on the board alone," says Shasek.

Shasek will wear ribbons honoring fellow survivors, those battling the disease, and in honor of those have died from cancer on her shirt during the 33 mile journey.

"I had a relatively rare form it's called a sarcoma, and the prognosis wasn't that great. But thanks to my husband he got me to the right doctors really fast. He was really pushy about that. I credit him a lot for why I am here today, so it's a lot for my husband Ed as well," says Shasek.

Taking up stand up paddle boarding with her husband three summers ago, she felt what better way to celebrate being cancer free than in her home town of Bend, doing one of her favorite activities.

Practicing today on the Deschutes River, Shasek will start her 10 loops at dawn Tuesday the 21st.

"It's always energizing, and that's the thing, like life it's constantly changing. The river does, the ocean does and it's great to have something to experience nature that way," says Shasek.

To fill out a ribbon for the Karmathon visit Stand Up Paddle Bend near the Old Mill District before September 21st.

Stand Up Paddle is located at 550 SW Industrial Way, #115, Bend, OR 97702

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